Who we are

The OAK3 Academy is member of the CRONOS group.

Ever since its inception, CRONOS has demonstrated an extraordinary growth, both in revenue (290 m€ in 2011) and staff numbers (>2700 in 2012).

CRONOS' ability to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing market demands, made it the most preferred partner for many companies on the lookout for high quality solutions.

The OAK3 Academy has been designated as the competence center for training within CRONOS, at first for internal staff, but since 1999 also for every company (cfr references) seeking high quality training.

Where the first years the focus was on technical training, the mission statement is now to profile The OAK3 Academy as a "one stop" for training in many various topics (see our catalogue).   Therefore a large network of experts and specialized trainers has been built over the years and is now at your disposal !