Training discounts

KMO Portefeuille

kmo portefeuilleWhat?

Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) can obtain up to €40.000 in subsidies each year. This aid can be obtained when SMEs purchase services provided by recognized service providers and this in several areas: training, advice, technology watch, strategic advice and coaching. This program is focused on improving current & future business processes of SMEs.


SMEs and companies whose operational headquarters are located in the Flemish Region. Enterprises with an acceptable legal form (e.g. not-for-profit-organisations are excluded) and have a main activitey based on the NACE-code.

Which services?

At Oak3 Academy you can obtain aid for all training courses.

 How much subsidy can you enjoy?

  • General: up to 50% of the tuition (max €45 per training hour)
  • Ceiling: up to €2.500 per year
  • Minimum project amount: €100
  • Exception: following amounts do not count for determining the subsidized amount: the VAT, separately invoiced catering costs or fees for course materials.

How do you formulate a correct grant application?

 A grant for a program must be submitted via at the latest 14 days after the first lesson.

The KMO Portefeuille service nr. of Oak3 Academy is : DV.O213458

Microsoft Software Assurance

When your company disposes of a Microsoft Software Assurance contract for volume licensing, you can get FREE (technical) training.  Many companies are entitled to these vouchers without knowing ! Check this out...

How to activate ?

  1. First, your organization's Software Assurance Benefits Manager activates the ‘training vouchers benefit' through the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).The number of days given to an organization varies by product and by the number of qualifying software licenses with Software Assurance. To be eligible for training vouchers, you must have a minimum number of licenses covered by Software Assurance; this number varies by licensing program.
  2. The benefits manager then assigns training days and associated training vouchers to designated individuals. The courses that are eligible for training vouchers and the number of vouchers that you should order can be found on: Find more information about eligibility