Mission Statement

The Oak3 Campus is an IT and Professional Skills Learning Center providing hands-on, intensive training and coaching to help students develop the skills they need for a successful career as an Information Technology Professional or as a knowledge worker (end-user of software), meanwhile not neglecting the personal skills of each and every one.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality training and knowledge transfer that enables a person to start or enhance his or her career as an IT professional or knowledge worker, in a short period of time. We therefore offer knowledge assimilation, facilitate expertise transfer and provide a rewarding learning experience. Our training solutions are designed to help students learn faster, master the latest information technologies and perform smarter.

Some of our strongholds:

  • Standard training curricula and tailor-made courses adapted to company-specific environments and needs.
  • State of the art training centers in Brussels, Antwerp and Hasselt. 
  • Classroom courses limited to 12 students to ensure individual attention to all.
  • Instructors undergo a rigorous certification process. Our instructors are hired based both on their ability to teach and on their technical ability and experience.

The Oak3 Campus is dedicated to training and coaching, and has helped thousands of people become more valuable employees and improve their skills.